What We Do

Every year, the McGill Baja Racing Team builds a new single-seat off-road vehicle and brings it across North America to compete with other universities from around the world. Working through the entire design cycle together, we develop real-world skills, equipping us to be the next generation of great engineers.

In the Fall, we design...

In the Winter + Spring, we build...

In the Summer, we race!

What is Baja SAE?

Baja SAE is a 3-4 day design competition run by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Teams of students from allover the world participate to design, build, and test small off-road cars. 

2020 Competitions



Epreuve du Nord

Quebec, QC, Canada



Baja SAE Louisville

Louisville, KY, USA



Baja SAE Illinois

Peoria, IL, USA

The Cars

Seeds of Change

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Thank you, Sponsors!

By sponsoring us, your company is associating itself with a tradition of success. With your help, we expect to extend that success and finish in the Top 10 in every competition we attend in the coming year.